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Greetings and welcome to Shreeji Food Products: Crafting Culinary Legacies
Since 1988! Step into the vibrant streets of Ahmedabad's Ashram Road back in 1988. Our journey began with a humble sandwich stall, fueled by the proud entrepreneurial spirit that defines us as Gujaratis. It struck us – why limit ourselves to selling when we could whip up some kitchen magic too? That's when the ingenious Mr. Kirit Thakkar embarked on a mission into the world of manufacturing, with a special focus on Table Margarine and Fat Spread. Mr. Thakkar, the visionary, saw the potential in future market needs and seized the opportunity.

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Shreeji Foods Products
Shreeji Foods Products
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Shreeji's Chinese Sauces Power Premix has revolutionized our B2B operations. The exceptional quality and convenience of this product have greatly enhanced our efficiency and customer satisfaction. It's authentic flavours and consistent performance have allowed us to deliver top-notch Chinese dishes consistently, meeting the high expectations of our clients. The ease of preparation and versatility of Shreeji's Chinese Sauces Power Premix have made it an indispensable part of our kitchen operations. Our chefs appreciate the time-saving benefits and the ability to customize flavours to suit various dishes. With Shreeji as our supplier, we have elevated our offerings and gained a competitive edge in the market. We highly recommend Shreeji's Chinese Sauces Power Premix to any business looking to enhance their Chinese cuisine offerings.

Pooja Shah

Chinese Sauces

Shreeji's Powder Chutney Premix has revolutionized our B2B offerings. Our clients demand efficiency, quality, and flavour consistency, and this product delivers on all fronts. Its easy preparation, combined with its delicious taste, has significantly reduced our operational hassles while delighting our customers. Incorporating this premix into our product line has not only enhanced our offerings but also boosted customer satisfaction and loyalty. We highly recommend Shreeji's Powder Chutney Premix to fellow B2B partners looking to elevate their offerings and streamline their operations.

Dharmik Patwa

Khajur Imli Chutney Powder

Shreeji's Tomato Ketchup Power Premix has been a lifesaver for our B2B operations. The convenience and quality of this product are unmatched, allowing us to streamline our processes and deliver consistent results to our clients. From its rich flavour to its easy preparation, Shreeji's Tomato Ketchup Power Premix has exceeded our expectations in every way. It has become an essential ingredient in our kitchen, saving us valuable time and effort without compromising on taste. Our clients rave about the flavour and consistency of the ketchup, reinforcing our confidence in Shreeji's products. With Shreeji as our trusted partner, we can confidently meet the demands of our customers and continue to grow our business.

Vishal Modi

Tomato Ketchup